Primitive Web Design

Mr. K's Professional Counterpart

Primitive focuses on the design and communication aspects of business. Providing web and print design, development, SEO and marketing services specifically for small businesses and startups.

This web site is an ongoing project which will eventually be developed into a complete resource for businesses.

Hoof 'n' Hound

Branding, Web Design, Print Design & Hosting

Hoof 'n' Hound is a small business providing canine and equine care services. A full startup service was provided from concept to completion. The client was guided through the from initial stages of developing a brand on to establishing an online presence and creating an appropriate marketing strategy.

Magpie Communications

Coding & Flash, XHTML/CSS, Javascript & Actionscript

This site was designed by Magpie Comms and developed by Mr. K.

Magpie Comms is a graphic design agency based in Leeds with whom Mr. K has an established working relationship. Services provided include coding, scripting, graphic file conversion and consultation.

Mr. K Bio

Design is Objective Beauty, Code is Poetry, Mr. K remains a Mystery

Interactive Designer, Developer, Marketer, Scientist and Philosopher. Over the years Mr K has cultivated an extensive and diverse anthology of both conceptual and practical talents amounting to a unique and insightful experience base. He brings a host of skills to the table often used to confuse and delight. He tackles any problems thrown at him with the logic of a vulcan judge and the creative flare of a drunken madman.

Ever resourceful Mr. K had already climbed to the supervisory position of Chef by the age of 18. Following this he spent several months working in Events positions varying from serving students in nightclubs to serving royalty tea in Stately Homes.

He then moved on to a new challenge and a new country. Working in Ibiza doing Promotions and Entertainment for some of the worlds biggest and best nightclubs. After three summers he returned to York and took an Analyst position where he stayed for a year, rewriting the macros and improving efficiency.

Since 2004 Mr. K has been based in Leeds initially working at a stockbrokers then a global branding agency while studying web design, spanish and social science part time before studying Digital Media full time.